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Touring Cape York is definitely a ‘must-do’ on every Cairns holiday agenda. Untouched beaches, lakes, tropical islands and national parks as well as rugged 4WD trails and fishing. The hardest part about travelling to Cape York is deciding which 4WD tour from Cairns to Cape York is best for you – and that’s where we can help you!

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Camping Tours

  • 4WD Drive Tours
  • Tents
  • Campfire cooked meals

Experience the joy of camping with all the hard work taken out of your holiday. There are range of options which include drive/fly, drive/sea and drive/drive.

Camping Tours
The Lions Den Hotel

Accommodation Tours

  • Cape York Motels
  • Ensuites in most
  • Solid beds

Cape York Motels are character filled and full of local charm. Cape York is about the experience, natural beauty and meeting people. Enjoy all of these things and more. Options include drive/fly or drive/sea.


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Cape York Flight

Air & Sea Tours

  • Fly to the Cape
  • Drive / Fly or Cargo ship
  • Camping/ Accommodated tours

If your short for time or enjoy flying and would like to visit Cape York then join an air tour. Low level scenic flying with low passenger numbers. Sea Cargo Ship is a unique way to do part of your tour.

Air & Sea Tours

Best Value Cape York Tour

This 12 Day 4WD Premium Hotel Cape York Tour, all inclusive, exclusive accommodation options, time to enjoy destinations – not just tick off the list of where you have been!

New Tour

Best tour with a mix of camping and accommodation

Explore the heart of Cape York with this personal tour, hidden extra’s that only people with local connection can get.

Best Cape York Tour Package

Choose the tour that suits you – camping, accommodated, driving, fly or sea!

About Cape York

The best time to visit Cape York is June through to October. The area is rich in culture, with a mix of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and traditions. Cape York has it all rugged national parks, pristine waterways and secluded beaches. With 1200 km of roads connecting Cairns to Cape York. Visit places like Cooktown, the Lockhart River, Weipa, Chilli Beach, remote campsites and vast cattle stations. Swim in crystal-clear waters at Jardine National Park or visit the extensive wetlands of the Rinurru (Lakefield) National Park. See termite mounds and carnivorous plants. Stand at the top of Australia. This is a trip of a life-time.

Sun set Cape York Beach

Why do a Cape York Tour?

There is a Cape York Tour to sit all travellers. It depends on what you want. Camping or accommodated (Cape style). Some people like to drive up and back. Others choose to fly one way. The drive/cargo boat trip is something special for Cape York travellers.

The best part is someone else does all the hard work – planning the itinerary, booking it all, planning and making the food, then there are tents or hotels, petrol, water …..

Of course you can drive to the Cape on your own 4WD adventure, but what you are missing is out on is the expert guides, local knowledge, stories and information that is shared on a tour. Not to mention the new friends you will make.

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